Transforming Lives Inspiring Change

The powerful duo of Courtney & Annika Kazembe continues to impact lives across the globe, by empowering and transforming individuals to be the best version of themselves. Breaking down barriers and canceling negative inculcation, are part of the process that the Kazmbes use to equip individuals for mental, emotional, social, and spiritual success.

Transforming Lives -
Inspiring Change

Many of us live our lives lukewarm, without any intensity, without any authenticity, and without enough fire to bring our lives to the boiling point. Our lives are filled with formality, doing right, coping with each other, never any genuineness, and never any passion. At this level, nothing will happen – at best we will be mediocre.

Trailblazers in transforming lives, Courtney and Annika Kazembe with decades of experience in giving thousands of individuals the necessary tools to live a life of passion, without fear, and filled with meaning. As transformational speakers, Courtney and Annika Kazembe have transformed lives to . . .

“If it is to be it is up to me, be the change that you want to see”.

Transformed Lives

Exponential Growth
Self Discovery

Whether it is for a corporate seminar or workshop or an one-on-one coaching session at CAKazembe you can start your journey of freedom, transformation, and enlightenment today.

Transformed Lives

Seminars Success

Many corporate companies and institutions have testified of the positive changes they see in the lives and work ethics of both employees and executives.

Authentic Leadership

Coaching Success

One-on-one coaching and small group coaching is a strategic approach for clients to experience their best lives Now!

We are committed to transforming the lives of millions of people by training thousands of human beings.

Conscious Leadership

CA Kazembe gives your leadership team powerful tools, techniques, and methodologies that will enable them to set and achieve extraordinary corporate visions, missions, and goals.


Health and Wellness

We need to be reminded how important it is to build a strong immune system. A healthy body starts with a healthy mind, which can be developed by paying more attention to one’s individual wellness needs.


Keynote Speakers

As leaders in transformational education, at CA Kazembe we have speakers that are tailored for your corporation and institutions event needs. Total transformation is guaranteed.


Financial Freedom

The Gift of Prosperity

Maximize Your Potential

The Awakening

Changing Lives

Kazembe Foundation

Empowering Young People

Youth Empowerment and Success Seminar

Transformation and radical change can only come about through the individual.